This summer Pip Lacey, 2017 Great British Menu winner and formerly Angela Hartnett’s head chef at Michelin-starred Murano, will be opening her first restaurant called hicce  in London with long time friend and business partner Gordy McIntyre.

Pip’s training and career background was in graphic design but her interest in food and the restaurant industry has been prevalent throughout her life. When the recession hit her design business, encouraged by friends, she accepted a job as a commis chef at York & Albany. Pip worked for Gordon Ramsay Holdings including three Michelin-starred Restaurant Gordon Ramsay for three years before spending six years working her way up to the position of head chef at Angela Hartnett’s Michelin-starred Murano.

Pip and Gordy hope to open hicce  (pronounced ee-che) by June this year. The central London restaurant will serve modern dishes, using traditional techniques such as marinating, curing and pickling, as well as fish, meat and vegetables cooked over a wood fire. 
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