The 6-12 March is National Pie Week in the UK, a day all about celebrating the wonderful pies of the world. Whether you like a savoury pie like chicken, or a mash covered pie like a shepherd’s pie. Maybe you prefer a sweeter concoction like an apple pie. But where did pies come from and how are we celebrating National Pie Week?

British Pie Week first started in 2007, as a marketing campaign for the pastry industry and to encourage the great people of Britain to have a go themselves at baking pies at home. Now, it is celebrated by thousands of restaurants, pubs, and brands all over Britain, in the first week of March.

But where did pies originate from? The term ‘pie’ originated from the magpie bird, as the action of collecting ingredients and putting them in one dish mirrored that of a magpie collecting objects to put in its nest. Pies have been around for hundreds of years, and there is even evidence suggesting that pastries have been crafted since the Ancient Greek and Roman times. Originally, pies would have been crafted in pastries or cases that weren’t eaten, but simply held the ingredients in place.

Here at the Eat & Drink Festival, we’re all about inspiring you to try new ideas and recipes. Lisa Marley will be heading to the Eat & Drink Stage to demonstrate her delicious Vegan Apple Pie Crumble with Creamy Custard. Learn the best tips and tricks and have a go yourself!  Also heading to the Eat & Drink Stage is Michelin Star Chef Atul Kochhar. Want to try something new? Why not try his exciting Chicken Masala Pie including how to make your own pastry.