With National Pizza day taking place on 9 February, here at the Eat & Drink Festival, we’re celebrating the delicious history of one of man’s favourite carb-filled treats.

Writings from Darius the Great, recorded in the 6th Century BC, show records of flatbreads topped with dates and cheese, some of the earliest mentions of a pizza-like treat. As tomatoes began to grow more in Europe, the people of Naples combined the idea of topped flatbreads and tomatoes around 1522 BC, the first modern pizza.

The first National Pizza Day is predicted to have taken place around the early 2000s, but no one is quite sure by who. Now, the National day is celebrated all over the world, with the one rule being that one must enjoy at least two slices of pizza in celebration.

And you can celebrate all things pizza at the Eat & Drink Festival. We’ve got exhibitors such as Hot Star Honey, with sweet-heat sauces that are perfect for pizza topping. Or organic fruit and vegetable providers such as Riverford’s, perfect for all the delicious, fresh ingredients you need to make the perfect pizza.