At TASSIMO they blend different beans from around the world to create the perfect coffee recipes. This enables them to create the wide range of aromas and flavours you have come to love in their range of coffee products.Roasting is key to the development of the colour, aroma and flavour of the coffee beans. Experts create roasting recipes to create the desired flavour in your favourite TASSIMO coffee pods. Grinding is also an important step to the final flavour of your cup of TASSIMO coffee. For TASSIMO products, beans are grinded to a specific size to ensure great flavour through your TASSIMO machine.


INTELLIBREW to ensure brewing perfection

If you enjoy a creamy latte, delicious cappuccino, intense espresso or a long black coffee, TASSIMO brews it at the touch of a button whenever you make a coffee. To do this, every pod carries a unique barcode specific for that coffee. Your TASSIMO machine scans the barcode on each pod and the unique Bosch INTELLIBREW™ technology automatically adjusts the brewing time, temperature and amount of water to precision. Your favourite coffee. Perfect. Easy. Every time.


Select your favourite brands

With a wide range; TASSIMO has a unique selection of drinks with all your favourite brands such as Costa coffee, Cadbury’s chocolate, Kenco coffee and L’OR coffee as well as many more to provide you with a choice of over 50 coffee, chocolate and tea drinks to enjoy with family and friends.


Choose the TASSIMO machine for you

From compact Vivy to personal Happy to the adaptable My Way, there is a choice of TASSIMO machine that suits you (and your kitchen). Designs and made by global home appliance experts Bosch for complete peace of mind, each TASSIMO coffee machine will make a delicious coffee that you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home using the expertise of Bosch technology.


Easy to Recycle

And once you’ve made your drink the pod is easy to recycle using the new free Podback recycling service. Search for more details.



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