For over 130 years, the Bosch name has been synonymous with engineering excellence. Their home appliances are renowned for their quality, reliability and performance which derives from our inherent, unflagging commitment and the painstaking thoroughness with which every product is designed and made. As you would expect from Bosch, there are no gimmicks or frills with our products – just pure, clean lines and beautiful, functional simplicity that will enhance any home and help you every day.


Refresh Your Clothing with No Chemicals or Water

Using unique Bosch plasma technology, the rechargeable Bosch FreshUp is an easy-to-use hand held product that removed odours from dry fabrics. Simply swipe the FreshUp over the fabric and the plasma breaks down odours instantly. Plasma is a safe technology that does not use chemicals, water or UV light to effectively remove odours. The lightweight design means FreshUp is easy to use around the home and, with USB charging, is perfect for travelling for work and holidays.


Healthy Cooking

Be inspired by the range of Bosch small appliances. Their multi-functional stand mixers, food mixers and processors are packed with innovative, labour-saving technology so you can chop, blend, shred, mix and whisk your way more quickly through your cooking and baking. Innovative ideas like built-in scales mean you weight ingredients in to the mixing bowl directly while the clever 3D Planetary mixing ensures all ingredients are perfectly mixed.


Keep Food Fresher For Longer

Ensure your smoothies stay fresher and preserve the vitamin content. Using vacuum blending technology, flavour is enhanced and oxidation is minimised so more vitamins are preserved so fruit and vegetables stay fresher for longer.


Cordless Cleaning – The Vacuum Battery Power You Can Trust

Clean with confidence. Whether you need your vacuum to be flexible enough to tackle those hard to reach places, quick charging to use when time is tight, or powerful enough to take on your whole house from floor to ceiling, the Bosch range of vacuums has a model to suit you. And with Bosch rechargeable battery you can rely on the power and performance every day.


Backed up by Outstanding Customer Service

Bosch's customer service team is always on hand, seven days a week, to provide help and assistance. From offering product advice on using your appliance or choosing a new product, registering your appliance or extending the warranty, locating spares and accessories or should you need to, contact one of team of Bosch engineers to arrange repair or maintenance. Bosch is always there to help.


You can find Bosch at The Ideal Home Show, in partnership with NatWest, this year at stand H415.


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