Artisan Olive Oil producers Feudo San Lorenzo will be showcasing some new and unique oils on stand F673 at the Eat and Drink Festival from 22 March – 7 April.

Like the popular Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the flavoured oils are 100% organic and made from olives grown on the Azienda Agricola Barbara Lattuca agricultural estate in Southern Sicily.

The chemical-free olive trees have been growing in Agrigento for decades and some even for centuries. Olives are cold-pressed on the day of picking and the smooth taste that comes from being grown on a single estate is often favourably commented on by customers.

The soil is enriched by the Sicilian sun, warm sea breeze and cooler hilltop air, adding flavour and aroma to the oil produced.

The truffle olive oil has a woody, rich flavour designed to complement pasta dishes and risotto.

Chilli olive oil has a fiery kick to liven up a seafood salad or to add some flavour to roast chicken.

Both will be available to taste at the show and on sale in 100ml and 250ml tins, 200ml glass bottles and gift selection packs.

Feudo San Lorenzo’s best-selling Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which will also be available to sample, taste and purchase is obtained from a special blend of three different Italian olives:

BIANCOLILLA: the main variety and the most widely cultivated olive in Agrigento, it offers hints of fruitiness and fresh herbs, adding a medium pungency to the oil,

CAROLEA: typically grown in Puglia, it adds complex layers of aroma,

CORATINA: common in Calabria, it offers a bold taste with a bitter and spicy aftertaste.

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