The Saif

 The one that everyone wants, AKA “The Yummiest Wrap In Town”

Tender pieces of spiced marinated boneless chicken thigh – sizzling hot and wrapped in a soft naan with a crunchy salad and topped with special sauces and a handful of dhaniya. 


The Amitabh

Take the Saif – drop the naan and add a delicious tadkha dahl sandwiching a a heap of long grained fluffy basmati – delicious. 


The Shah Rukh

Definitely one for the saucy types!

 The best succulent pieces of boneless chicken cooked in our trademark masala sauce – along with our tadka dahl and very very long grain basmati rice. 


The Kareena

A perfect match for the Saif but only if you’re a vegetarian. Cubes of fresh paneer stir fried with vegetables and lovingly wrapped like a Saif!! The perfect antidote to a growling tummy. 


The Ashwariya

This is perfect if you fancy a bit of everything….minus the meat! Yummy tadka dahl with delicious masala paneer on top of a fluffy bed of pure basmati rice .



What can we say – just like mama used to make!

Onion Bhajis

The best ever - need we say more?!